Rate the SM chip tuning and get discount !!!

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Leave a review on FB and Google page and you are entitled to a discount in SM chip tuning. The evaluation deadline will be 30.12.2022 till 3.4.2023 and you are entitled to a discount unlimited. This action is designed to help us be even better and to point out possible shortcomings, and on the other hand to support us with a good grade to continue working at this level.

The discount is valid only for SM chip tuning Gradiska and you will do the evaluation on the SM Gradiska website.

You need to vote in 2 places and for each vote you will receive a 5% discount on the basic price of the map you plan to work with us.

To rate our new page, your experience with SM, your recommendation on Facebook , click here !

To do the same on Google , click the link here !

When you complete the review (evaluation) you need to send your name, city, date and time of evaluation, username from which you voted on Facebook and Google to mail info@smchiptuning.com or on FACEBOOK SM page in the message.

You need to write down or save this information somewhere because you will need it when you book an appointment.

The review deadline will be once a year for 3 months, this time will be 30.12.2022 till 3.4.2023. Then if you do a rating in both places (FB and Google) you will have total discount of 10% that you can take advantage of whenever you want, i.e. you don’t have to in the year you graded. Just when booking an appointment, send the data you previously saved (name and surname, city, date and time of the rating, username) and that's it, the discount is yours.

With this method of evaluation, we want to reward everyone who participates in the improvement of SM chip tuning.
Any evaluation that is not in the period of 3 months per year is also welcome, but unfortunately it is not included in the discount due to the technical nature and problems with the records because it is too complicated to keep records around the review all year round.