SM authorized distributors

SM chip tuning offers you the opportunity to become one of our authorized distributors. There are 3 basic conditions you need to meet:

  1. you must have a service station, workshop, car dealership, any facility where chip tuning can be done. It is not possible to get a dealership with working in a parking or in front of a building.
  2. only one distributor can be from one city, so if we already have a distributor in your city, cooperation is unfortunately not possible
  3. any pro / orginal tool for chip tuning is needed, it doesn't matter if it's a master or slave version, it doesn't matter if you buy it yourself or through us, it matters that it has a valid license and that it is original

You can expect free training on chip tuning from us, as well as technical support in further work every working day from 10 am to 6 pm via Skype. Authorized distributors can be found on the SM contact page and all inquiries from your area we will send to your address.

Today, there are many chip tuning tools on the market. You need to choose the tool that best suits your needs, we do not care which model it is and who the manufacturer is, what is important to us is that the tool is original with a valid factory license and has technical support from the factory.

When buying tools, you have the possibility of great savings if you buy Slave version devices that you can connect to our master. Later, if necessary, you can upgrade each slave to a master without sending tools to the factory. You can buy all the tools yourself or through us. If you have a slave tool, then you can work in the debt, ie not to pay the loan in advance but to pay once when the agreed amount is accumulated and when you collect the work from the client. When installing the map, there may be some circumstances when the map will not remain on the vehicle (defective vehicle, various technical problems ...) and when you will not be able to charge for the work, then you will not pay for the map either.

100 % Dealer satisfaction

For all questions about SM distribution and conditions, you can use the contact: 

  • SM chip tuning
  • Banjalučka cesta 218A
  • 78400 Gradiška
  • +387 65 514 479
  • Srđan
  • Opening hours every working day 10-18h