EGR (AGR) off

EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) the valve has the role of reducing the percentage of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons released by internal combustion engines during operation. It can be found in both petrol and diesel engines. It is placed between the intake and exhaust manifold so that it communicates with both manifolds. In certain positions of the accelerator pedal, it can be opened or closed, so that when it is open, part of the gases that have already burned is returned to the intake manifold, mixing with fresh air and burning again in the engine, thus reducing harmful nitrogen oxides and carbon hydrogen released through the exhaust system.

With petrol engines, as a rule, there are much fewer problems with the operation of EGR valves due to the very nature of petrol, which is much "cleaner" compared to diesel.

The problem with diesel engines is due to the deposition of soot, because during recirculation, that part has already burned once and returns to the engine. Due to the poor quality of the fuel (insufficient purification) and its continuous refueling, the problem can occur very quickly, after only a few thousand km.

The most common symptoms of a faulty EGR valve are:

  • Restless engine idling
  • Engine shake when driving at low throttle
  • Lower engine power with excessive exhaust fumes
  • Limiting engine power (safe mode, limp mode)
  • Appearance of MIL lamp (check engine lamp)
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Cessation of DPF regeneration and clogging of the DPF

There are several ways to solve the EGR valve problem:

  1. removal and cleaning - if the problem is in the mechanical clogging it can help but if the problem is of an electronic nature in the valve electronics, cleaning will not help
  2. used valve - the rule applies as for any used item, it can last a long time and may break down again the next day
  3. new valve - this will certainly solve the problem of the next 20,000 km approximately how much EGR needs to break down again after replacement, but the problem is also the price because the new EGR valve is not cheap
  4. removing the EGR valve from the engine computer - for sure, the only permanent solution to all the problems that EGR can cause

With the correct and high quality EGR off, the engine will work completely correctly without any lights, errors or limp modes. Also, the DPF will continue to perform regeneration at the prescribed intervals. During the technical inspection, it will not be possible to notice the deregistration of the EGR and the vehicle will pass all ECO tests. The intake manifold, turbine, valves ... everything will be much less exposed to soot because there will be no more recirculation so the engine will be much cleaner.

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