AdBlue (SCR) off

AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid) is a vehicle used by vehicles equipped with a SCR (selective catalytic reduction) catalyst. AdBlue consists of urea mixed with distilled water. The principle of operation of the whole system is based on a chemical reaction of selective catalytic reduction in which harmful nitrogen oxides are converted into nitrogen and water vapor. AdBlue is injected before the SCR catalyst and the process itself is controlled via various SCR sensors. The system is quite sensitive and errors occur frequently, which leads to problems in everyday driving.

The most common symptoms of problems with the AdBlue system are:

  • AdBlue service error appears on the display
  • Less engine power
  • Limiting engine power (safe mode, limp mode)
  • Appearance of MIL lamp (check engine lamp)

How can the AdBlue system problem be solved:

  1. Physically looking for and fixing a problem can take a long time and is usually expensive and complicated to do
  2. deleting the AdBlue system from the engine computer - a permanent solution to all the problems that AdBlue can cause

With the correct and high quality AdBlue off system, the engine will work completely correctly without any lights, errors or limp modes. Also, the DPF will continue to perform regeneration at the prescribed intervals. AdBlue will not be noticed during the technical inspection and the vehicle will pass all ECO tests.

Deregistering an AdBlue system greatly reduces maintenance costs because no more AdBlue means are required or the SCR system needs to be maintained. It is also possible to create an on / off system to turn off AdBlue only when needed, so that for trucks driving in the EU, the system can be operational as needed.

SM chip tuning can provide you with quality and professional AdBlue off system at any of our addresses.