DTC off

DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) are codes that the ECU (engine control unit) prints when a problem occurs. They are grouped into several categories but what they have in common is that each DTC describes a fault in the system to which it is attached. Some DTCs cannot be cleared and cannot be ignored by the system because they are necessary for the engine to run properly, but there are many codes that can be cleared and do not affect proper engine operation. When the engine is fully functional there should be no DTCs, if there is a minor problem the ECU will have a DTC problem but the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) will not light or be in safe (limp) mode. In the event of more serious problems with the DTC code in the ECU, the engine electronics (MIL) lights will light up and possibly safe mode.

Depending on the problem and the DTC code, some things can be resolved by checking out the target DTC code and all other diagnostics will work normally. This will not affect the operation of the engine and can save a lot of time repairing and resolving DTCs.

When you have a DTC problem:

  • Restless operation of the engine at idle
  • On the dashboard  engine fault notice
  • Less engine power
  • Limiting engine power (safe mode, limp mode)
  • Appearance of MIL lamp (check engine lamp)
  • A diagnostic check will show a DTC error

How can the DTC be resolved:

  1. Physically looking for a problem and fixing it can take a long time and is usually expensive and complicated to do, but sometimes this is the only option because not all mistakes can be checked out
  2. clearing the DTC from the engine computer - a permanent solution to all the problems that this error can cause

By removing the DTC fault correctly and with quality, the engine will run completely correctly without any lights, faults or limp modes. Also, the DPF will continue to perform regeneration at the prescribed intervals. During the technical inspection, it will not be possible to notice the DTC clear and the vehicle will pass all ECO tests.

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