About SM chip tuning - 20+ years of experience

SM chip tuning was among the first in the Balkans to start dealing with chip tuning or remapping of ECUs. Back in 1998, the first pioneering steps of chip tuning in this area were made by SM. The first ECU to be tuned was BOSCH from the Opel Kadet GSi. In those years, the Internet was still in progress, nothing was available online and it was much harder than now to get any information, but this difficult path has its advantages because it allowed us to learn the detailed principle of the engine computer that was later necessary for custom remap, which even today is almost impossible to do anywhere except in SM chip tuning. In the late 90's we made 2 software packages for mapping and development of OPEL GSi and BMW E30 engines, these are programs in which it was possible to open .bin files from these ECUs and which show maps and parameters necessary for successful chip tuning.

After the year 2000, the story of chip tuning began to spread and we decided to provide interested clients with chip tuning services that are not geographically close to Gradiška, so we already get the first SM distributors. As the years went by the distributors increased and there were practically all over the world. The biggest expansion of authorized SM distributors was 2010-2014 and then there were almost 50 of them. In parallel with the development of business through distributors, investments were made in infrastructure and equipment, so in 2008 we bought a new Bapro 2BPA dyno with brake and 2018 new 4BPA Bapro dyno with all-wheel drive.

Since 2015, the conditions for obtaining an SM distribution license have been tightened with the aim of reducing the number of distributors and leaving only "big" distributors to whom even more attention can be paid, thus increasing the quality and approach to the business itself. This tendency to "enlarge" SM distributors continues today, all with the aim of better service and quality of chip tuning. From the late 90's until today, SM chip tuning together with its distributors has done more than 20 000 vehicles until 2022, which is a figure and experience that can be compared with companies that are from the EU. Many projects here are made from all disciplines of motor sports (slalom, rally, hill, lap, 402m ...), a lot of champions and top results were created with the help of our SM team.

Here you can see just some of our works sorted into the gallery (various vehicles), projects of registered vehicles (SM custom maps) as well as projects of competition vehicles (SM custom maps):

GALLERY   Registered vehicles   Competition vehicles

Our vision and goal from day one is to enable chip tuning owners who do not want to cause them vehicle breakdowns, we never make maps that raise power beyond the safe limit for the engine at all costs, a good and quality map is the one from which the engine and the gearbox does not break down and not the one that is the strongest and causes problems. We have transferred the same policy to SM distributors so that they all respect our basic principle and allow end users safe and reliable chip tuning. In order for all this to be put into practice, a lot of experience and technical knowledge is needed, and by installing the SM map, you get everything that we have been building for 20+ years.

Founder and owner: Dipl.ing. Srdjan Matavulj

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