Lambda off is a process by which the lambda probe can be deregistered before or after the catalyst. It is usually not popular to turn off the front lambda probe before the catalytic converter because it can increase fuel consumption, especially in urban conditions. The lambda probe behind the catalytic converter can be deregistered without any consequences for engine operation and fuel consumption.

CAT off if there is a more exhaust or sport catalytic converter on the vehicle, this option deregisters the catalytic converter diagnosis and excludes catalytic converter errors.

HOT start fix for some vehicles it is necessary to correct the program in the ECU so that the engine starts normally when it is hot as well as when it is cold. This is a cheaper option compared to replacing the alnaser and battery, which would have a similar effect.

COLD start fix for some vehicles it is necessary to correct the program in the ECU so that the engine starts normally when it is cold. Usually the problem here is engine wear and tear and it is necessary to configure the ECU (engine control unit) to adjust to the condition of the engine so that this can help during a cold engine start.

MAF off (mass air flow) sensor off is usually used when mapping an engine with many mechanical modifications and when it is necessary for the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor to be dominant. For civilian vehicles, this is usually not a recommendation.

Launch control is the implementation of this option in the factory ECU. This cannot be done on every ECU model.

Flat shift is the option of shifting speeds without releasing the throttle. It is also not possible to install in every ECU.

Dual map the possibility of installing multiple folders in the factory ECU. Installation is not possible on every ECU.

Vmax limiter off removing the maximum speed lock.

Set Vmax limiter setting the maximum vehicle speed to the value on request.

Set RPM limiter setting the RPM motor limiter to a value on request.

Start/Stop dugme to be inactive when the engine is started and to be activated if necessary or to be permanently switched off.

ECO tuning for cargo and delivery (van) program, which allows lower fuel consumption, limiting maximum engine speed and limiting maximum speed, resulting in a more flexible engine that is much easier to drive with lower fuel consumption and cheaper maintenance because the engine can not be driven high in rpm and high speed.

SM custom remap is a mapping of engines with current mechanical processing where a generic map cannot be used but everything must be done from base map. It can also be done on a factory engine without modifications where some special things are required that are not covered by the SM optimum or SM power map. SM chip tuning is still one of the few places in this part of the EU where a custom remap can be done for almost every engine. Custom mapping usually takes more time than the classic SM optimum and the price is higher.