Dyno test

SM chip tuning has 4WD BPA 4R HP dyno which is a top model of BAPRO s.r.l. which deals exclusively with the development and production of dyno devices. This is the first AWD dyno in Bosnia and Herzegovina with Eddy current brake and as such guarantees a very accurate measurement with which you receive a certificate of accuracy of the dyno device, so you can use our power printout for homologations and certificates when changing the power of your vehicle. Dyno is capable of measuring power up to 1300 hp and torque up to 1600 nm at top speeds of around 360 km / h. For accurate and correct measurement, a quality fan is necessary, we have a radial fan with 50,000 m³ / h flow and a motor power of 7 kw, which is enough to satisfy most vehicles regardless of engine power.

When measuring, you get a print of power and torque by speed and engine speed. By measuring the engine before tuning, you can see if everything is correct and if the engine has the factory declared power. After tuning with the dyno test, you get the data and the appearance of the curve on the basis of which you can summarize the results.

It is important that the dyno has a brake (Eddy current brake) because it is the only way to accurately and realistically measure engine power. A dyno without a brake gives false results because the acceleration is not linear (constant) and therefore cannot be measured accurately, also with an inertial dyno (without a brake) all overboost that the engine makes is counted as power and a dyno with a brake does not allow it. Without the brake it is not possible to see small oscillations of engine power because the large mass of the dyn roller and inertia obscure this. By braking the engine according to the set rpm of the engine, the ignition and AFR can be precisely adjusted and this is very important for quality tuning.

The price of measuring 2wd (2 drive wheels) of the vehicle is 50 euros and 4wd (all drive wheels) is 70 euros.