SM chip tuning quality guarantee

SM chip tuning gives you a 3 year warranty on maps and in case of update in the authorized service there is no additional cost due to reinstallation of the map, also the return of the original map is free and can be realized at any time with all authorized SM distributors. When installing the map, you are entitled to a discount if you need to intervene again on the car later, which has nothing to do with the first installation, so if you do SM optimum and after some time you want SM power, you will not have to pay the full price of SM power map.

All work related to the installation of the map is covered by the warranty and any physical or software damage in the ECU (engine control unit) will be cover by SM chip tuning.

When installing the map, if for some reason you are not satisfied or if the map does not give the appropriate results due to the condition of the vehicle, all the work on installing the map and restoring the original map is free !!!

100% Customer satisfaction

Warranty on mechanical engine components is unfortunately not possible with some acceptable conditions for the user. The reason for this is in the fact that it is impossible to determine the condition of mechanical components of the engine, turbo, gearbox before installing the map because to determine this it is necessary to disassemble the engine and it is pointless to think about when the engine is running and running properly. There is no other way to accurately inspect the condition of engines, gearboxes, turbines and other parts without major interventions and disassembly. The only option that exists with a warranty on mechanical components is through a third party (insurance company), but these conditions are usually not favorable for the user. Of course, before installing the map, the vehicle will be inspected and if there is any suspicion that something is wrong, the installation of the map will be stopped.

New vehicles that have a factory warranty by installing the map usually lose the warranty if they point this out at an authorized service center. The process of installing the map is usually invisible to the authorized service because many new cars can be worked on the OBD connector and with our equipment CVN (calibration verification number) and CalID (calibration identification) numbers will not be changed so factory diagnostics can not see the map . The only way an authorized service center can see the map is for the vehicle owner to present and present it himself.

SM chip tuning maps can only be used on racetracks or sporting events in controlled traffic conditions and are not intended for vehicles participating in public transport. By installing the map you accept these terms of use and SM chip tuning has no any responsibility in case of using the map in public transport.